EarnSure™ is a verified Forex trading investment company with experienced trading personnel who are well acquainted with the nature of the market. With true expertise and commitment to ensuring turnover on investment, our traders are able to adapt to changes in the market in swift fashion, constantly applying pretested trading techniques to EarnSure™ that our investors keep earning. 

EarnSure™ acknowledges that people have numerous needs and most often that not, a single source of income or a regular paying job isn't enough to service these needs. 

Keeping this in view, EarnSure™ has set out to offer an opportunity for people to take advantage of her expertise and wealth of experience to invest and make healthy returns.

How We Work

EarnSure™ trades both commodities, currency pairs and financial assets in the live market on an array of widely recognised platforms, notably the MT4. 

EarnSure™ Support Team is available round the clock to attend to queries and inquiries from investors. 

EarnSure™ investors retain right of control over their accounts which can only be accessed using the account details provided at point of registration. 

EarnSure™ charges a flat 5% trade commission rate for each withdrawal placed and processed. Withdrawals may be placed only once per month and can be processed using any of the payment processors displayed on the website. 


MiFID Regulated

EarnSure is a fully licensed FOREX and CFD broker regulated under the European Union Directive 2004/39/EC (MiFID).

The company is regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), Licence No: RG-03-0246/25.02.2011, and upholds the highest standards and business practices.

EEA Authorised Branches under Art. 32 of MiFID:

EEA Passported under MiFID, EarnSure is registered with:

Invest With Us

To invest, simply sign up on a trading plan. Available trading plans can be seen in the Pricing section of our website.